Huge Global Push for finding a treatment for COVID-19

With the pandemic of Covid-19 affecting the way of life across the globe, companies continue to accelerate the clinical development . The number of Covid-19 clinical trials has been steadily growing since January 2020 because of the increase in the incidence rate and mortality. CTG CRO is proud to announce that we are currently involved in the first clinical study in Central Europe. Our aim is to help the scientific community great efforts to find a fast solution in treatment and reducing the mortality associated with COVID-19.


Audited by sponsors (30 audits) and inspected by regulators (6 inspections, including FDA in 2011 and 2013)

CTG has built a Quality Management system comprising of internal standard operating procedures (SOPs) and working instructions which are continuously monitored, maintained and improved. CTG is certified for its Quality Management system according ISO 9001-2015 by Royal Cert Germany.

Clinical Trials Group – CTG – 20 years of expertise and successful partnering. CTG invested efforts to be unique and successful in responding various demands of our partners.

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For more than 15 years already, many companies have been benefiting from CTG’s global and local scientific, regulatory and management expertise, achieving timely and high-quality clinical trials data. With an experienced and reliable team on board,CTG is a privately owned contract research organization (CRO), experienced and specialized in conducting all phases (I-IV) clinical trials in various therapeutic areas, confirmed as a trusted partner in medical research, which is enforced by our quality personalized services.
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CTG’s ongoing collaboration with world-known pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies, contract research organizations and international medical organizations reveals its successful WorldWISE management of projects. Whenever you may require a medical research service, as a completely outsourced project, as an individual tasks, or in collaboration with your own company staff, CTG can be your best partner!
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Philosophy in Becoming Your Best Partner

We strive to establish with our clients a partnership based on integrity and trust in order to provide the highest quality services expected. The key to our successful background and achievements in medical research comes from understanding our clients’ needs, with particular attention and flexibility for all details towards achieving client’s goals in line with respective regulatory and legislative constrains, with a WorldWISE and local combined approach. Our mission towards our customers is to deliver outstanding value through personalized services at highest professional standards.